Digital Marketing




Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing – is a set of tools to promote, under which digital channels are utilized. It is not the same as an Media Marketing, because it includes channels such as television, radio and even outdoor advertising. The essence of Digital Marketing is to involve the audience in the online environment, but it can be a starting point and offline channels. For example, initially for electronic outdoor screen can be shown in a message sent to the user to a page of the brand in the social network like (FaceBook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Bing, Google, Twiter etc).

A key factor in this type of marketing – the most dense work with the audience, which currently sets the trends in Digital Marketing. Since this sector is very dynamic, new trends emerge as quickly as losing their relevance, therefore, for effective contact with the audience brands have to constantly adapt to the changing preferences of the public, comprehensive work with the audience, which can be sent simultaneously on the formation and maintenance of the image, sales, customer support, collecting feedback from them and much more. Digital Marketing tools are available even for small business.

Digital Marketing tools allow you to implement almost any task, from the launch of a brand or a new product to a deep involvement and Loyalty. The special value of this marketing is its ultimate transparency: almost any action on the part of the advertiser can be further studied to the smallest detail, to find out what in the campaign gave the result, but from what can be without any prejudice to abandon. 





Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

seo the way indicated by compass conceptual image

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

SEO Marketing, Website Optimization for Yahoo, Google and Bing

Google Adwords


Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

Contextual advertising – the perfect ad, planning, targeting

Email Marketing

mail contact

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing – new opportunities for attracting
and retaining customers.

Social Media Advertise


Social Media 1

SMM – how to build community
and increase the audience in social networks

Social Media Promoting


Social Media 2

SMM – Promote the company’s products
and services in social networks

Mobile Marketing


Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing – interaction with the audience via mobile Ads.

Web Analytics

web analytics indianapolis

Web Analytic’s

Web Analytic’s – assessment of the effectiveness of the website
and Internet advertising, the study of consumer behavior.

Digital Marketing Planning


Digital Marketing Planning

Design and development of Digital Strategies –
from setting goals to evaluation

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